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From Dusk Till Dawn

Dusk Till Dawn

Outdoor Series, 2009.


Mystic River

Mystic River

Outdoor Series, 2009

Some Like It Hot


Outdoor series, 2009.

Home Boy Syndrome

home boys

Magazine Ad, 2009. Based on the insight that a large percentage of grown men in India still live with their parents. The Thunderbird, as we envisioned, stood for masculinity, individualism and freedom. It gave us the opportunity to use derision/ mockery of dependancy as a tactic to draw attention to the motorcycle. In India, to encourage seperation from the parents is almost blasphemous to some. We got a series of angry letters from parents and it also sparked rants in editorials.



Magazine ad, 2008.

Sleep With Your Wife


Billboard, 2008. This outdoor ad to promote same-day return flights to Delhi sparked a furore and a couple of people even filed lawsuits against us, claiming it was ‘against the moral fabric of the country’. The cased were all dismissed by the Advertising Council.



Magazine ad, 2008. We spent one year researching travellers who visited India and have chosen to stay back. After interviewing over 300, most of them personally, we picked 6 and shot them on location with acclaimed photographer Bharat Sikka. Published in the Conde Nast Traveller and some Travel magazines in Europe and the United States. AWARDED One Show 2009.